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September Gods

Third novel  by Saara Henriksson. Published in August 2017 by Into-kustannus.

Paul is an American scholar who arrives in Budapest as a foreign lecturer. There is something wrong with the city: the number of the floors in his building keep changing, and the street signs change overnight.

During his stay Paul get’s to know Mr. Gábor, a man upstairs, who has lived through the uprising in the city fifty years earlier. He in turn introduces Paul to a certain madame Stella and her peculiar crowd that gathers monthly on an island in the middle of the Danube river. This band of bohemians call themselves the September Gods.

Through September Gods Paul gets to know a different city, one where forgotten histories align with new ones. When the world begins to crumble, all that is left is to ask oneself, what is right.

September Gods is a novel about bystanders, about memory and identity in a world where every day history is being written a little bit differently.